2018 -Remembering our year

A new league

The Hurricanes entered the first year of the new BAFA premier league as 2nd favourites in the SWC, behind the team we lost to in last years playoffs, the Birmingham Lions. We had a chance to make up for that defeat in our first game day of season, hosting the Lions, Coventry Cougars and Northants Phantoms.

Our first game day was a statement of things to come as would walk away with 3 convincing wins including a shutout against the Phantoms. With a new look team featuring Joe Cotterill returning under centre and some promising rookies on both sides of the ball the Hurricanes ran rampant, racking up the points and showing the rest of the premier league that we would very tough to beat this year.

Our first two away days would continue the trend, putting up more than 40 points every time we stepped out on the field and achieving some big wins. The first real challenge of the season came on a brutally hot day in Coventry as the Hurricanes faced their cross division London rivals. The Hurricanes would start out strong with a big win over the Victoria Park Panthers before an incredibly close and eventful battle against the London Rebels. The Hurricanes would start the game strongly and would have taken a big lead into the halftime whistle but a late long run which ended with a certain hurricane committing a personal foul and being ejected may have given the Rebels a boost.

The second half was very tight and in the end the Hurricanes couldn’t convert their 4th down attempt to level up the scores and we had to take our first loss of the season. The final team we would face on the day would be the current champions the Bakerstreet Buttonhookers, the game started with both offences free firing, unfortunately the high speed and accuracy of the london team proved to be too much on the day and the hurricanes lost despite racking up almost 40 points.

Our last two game days would see the hurricanes return to winning form, beating every team we faced convincingly to take a lot of confidence into the playoffs.

Unfortunately the playoffs did not go as the Hurricanes had hoped, despite starting strong and going up by 2 scores again the Sheffield Giants we would fall at the first hurdle, losing a very frustrating game and ending our championship hopes. We would manage to see out the rest of the day with 2 wins, ending up as the 5th best team in the country.

Despite our disappointment in the last day of the season the team is still proud to have done as well as it did, and now we drive on next year to beat our record and try to win it all.